Top 10 Breastfeeding Essentials All Mummies Should Have

Whether you’re a first-time mom or you’re an established vet, breastfeeding is a ball game entirely of its own in the world of motherhood. Breastfeeding has been a popular method for providing nutrients to babies since the beginning of time. Not to mention, it’s a super special experience to share with your child. But, if you’re a mom-to-be, it’s completely natural to wonder, what do I need for breastfeeding?


It may seem easy enough—all you need are your breasts and the baby, right? Well, that’s not always the case, and it’s alright to seek some help along the way. After all, a new baby gives you enough to think about; being prepared for breastfeeding beforehand can allow for plenty of time to focus on your little bundle of joy. But, out of the hundreds of items available, it can be tough to know which will be the most necessary. 


So, to give you some insight into the various things you’ll need to breastfeed your baby, we’ve compiled a list of our top ten breastfeeding essentials that can help make the process considerably easier. 


1. A Quality Nursing Bra


First things first: a nursing bra will make your life so much easier. After birth, your breasts will begin to feel heavy and full, most of the time (welcome, milk!). Having a quality bra that is both comfortable and supportive is a game-changer. Not only are they designed to give you the support you need, but nursing bras also offer drop-down cups that can be unclipped for easy access.

Our favorite nursing bras to date are the Holabebe Seamless Nursing Bras. The Holabebe nursing bra provides all the support you need to accommodate your changing breasts, and it’s comfortable enough to wear throughout the day and well into the night. Not to mention, if you opt for sports bras more often than not, the Holabebe nursing bra is made of nylon and spandex to offer the versatility you’ll appreciate. With removable padding, wide shoulder straps, and several color options, Holabebe is the ideal choice for breastfeeding moms.


2. A Breastfeeding Pillow


Although not totally necessary, breastfeeding pillows are some of the most valuable items when nursing an infant. Even at their birth weight, you’d be surprised at how tired your arms will get supporting your baby during feedings. You can use a regular pillow, but those designed for breastfeeding are much easier and more comfortable.

3. Breastfeeding Clothes


Yes, your everyday tee-shirts are fine to wear while nursing. But take our word for it—you’ll want clothing that makes it easy to just sit and nurse without constant undressing and adjusting. Nursing clothes generally provide flaps or slits beneath the breast to make feedings much easier. And they’re available in all styles, so you don’t have to worry about sacrificing fashion for ease.


4. A Nursing Cover


Although they aren’t for everyone, nursing covers are especially advantageous for mothers looking for a bit of privacy while nursing in public spaces. Blankets can certainly do the trick, but nursing covers leave little room for accidental flashes.


Holabebe’s Nursing Cover for Breastfeeding is one of the most flexible options. Not only are the rigid neckline and the adjustable neck strap beneficial for maintaining isolation, but Holabebe’s nursing cover also offers wide coverage and a retractable clasp to keep it in place during feedings. And, it’s available in twelve adorable designs, leaving options for every style.



5. Nipple Creams and Ointments


They say that breastfeeding isn’t supposed to hurt. But, it’s not uncommon to find that things get a bit uncomfortable every now and again. Nipple creams and salves can provide enormous amounts of relief for dry, chapped, and cracked nipples. Lanolin-based creams are great for providing a barrier between your nipples and your clothes, and they're especially beneficial when used from the get-go.


6. Disposable Breast Pads


Your breasts will most likely leak at one point or another, and it’s especially common in the first few months after birth while your milk supply adjusts. But leaking in inopportune moments can be messy and frustrating. Enter: disposable breast pads. Breast pads are absorbent discs that you can wear over your nipples to catch any leaks.

At the top of our list are the Holabebe Disposable Breast Pads. They are super absorbent and dry quickly, which is vital for staying comfortable throughout the day and dry during the night. The Holabebe breast pads are also breathable, lightweight, and conveniently form to your breast shape to provide sufficient coverage. Not to mention, the adhesive backing keeps them from sliding.


7. Lactation Aids


Not every mom needs additional help with breastfeeding, but it’s certainly not uncommon to feel like things are going smoothly. Fortunately, there are various avenues for navigating any tricky points, including nipple shields to help your baby latch easier and lactation snacks and drinks to help with your milk supply.


8. Breast Milk Storage Bags or Containers


If you’re planning to pump and store milk for your little one, a Ziploc won’t do. And, you’ll find that your breast milk is as precious as gold, so a bag or container that will treat it as such is crucial. Breast milk storage bags are essential for keeping your milk protected and secure during storage. And, they’re designed to withstand freezing and thawing, so you can store breastmilk for long periods. 


9. An Easy-to-Use Breast Pump


Whether you’re looking to increase your milk supply, relieve engorgement when needed, or you’re planning on returning to work after giving birth, a breast pump is absolutely essential. There are plenty of breast pump options, but many moms find that an electric pump is an easy way to retrieve milk while carrying on with daily duties. If you’re on the fence about investing in a pump, most hospitals allow you to temporarily rent them.


10. Breast Shells

For moms struggling with leakage, flat or inverted nipples, or soreness, breast shells are a super worthwhile investment that can offer plenty of benefits. They’re typically made of soft material and have a hole for your nipples to fit into between feedings. They’re a comfortable solution for collecting excess milk, relieving friction pain, and promoting nipple health.

Holabebe’s Breast Milk Collection Shells fit comfortably against the breast and help you save any breastmilk that may leak throughout the day. They’re silicone and BPA-free, reusable, and super easy to clean. Not to mention, Holabebe makes it easy to transfer milk to storage bags or bottles with a convenient spout.


Bringing home your new baby and enjoying the breastfeeding journey is a beautiful and exciting time in motherhood. But, it can also be challenging for some women. If you’re a mummy-to-be, preparing for breastfeeding can help relieve anxiety and stress as you get ready for your newest family member. With these ten breastfeeding essentials, you can have a head start on welcoming your baby most naturally.