About Us

Holabebe Network Sdn Bhd ( 1121753-H ) was established in 2009. We are committed to develop and produce high quality Breast feeding essential products. We heard and understood our customers’ requirements and expectations of quality products, and step by step, we started to develop more and more quality products to our loyal customers.


To be a household name for parents with new-born children throught out the country.


To equip new-born babies and new  mum with a product lines that is comfortable, stylish, and that is able to endure the rough rumble & tumble of your child as he grows up and experiences the world.


We believe that putting our core values into practice creates long-term benefits for shreholders, employees, customers, suppliers, and the communities we serve : -

Passion :

Unrivalled passion in providing the best products and services for our customers.

Commitment :

Committing to great products, services, and other initiatives that impact lives within and outside the organization.

Integrity :

Acting with honesty and honor without compromising the truth.

Accountability :

Acknowledge and assuiming responsibility for actions, products, decisions and policies.