6 in 1 Baby Bottle Sponge Brush Milk Cup Teats Nipple Brush Multifunctional Cleaning Tool Berus Bottle Susu Baby
Price RM10.00
Product SKU A750
Brand Holabebe
Size (L x W x H) 15 cm x 30 cm x 2 cm
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-A set of solutions to various parts of the bottle clean, convenient, safe and sanitary.

-Clean every corner of the pacifier and bottle thoroughly, not easy to scratch the inner wall.

-Cleaned and dried after use to prevent the growth of bacteria.

-Scope of application: baby bottle, nipple, learning cup, milk powder box, breast pump, etc.

-Color: Blue, Green, Pink

-Material: BPA free silicone, Food grade PP, Sponge, Nylon

Product Size :
Nylon feeding bottle brush: 31 x 6.1cm
Sponge bottle brush: 29 x 5.5cm
Nylon pacifier brush: 12 x 2.5cm
Sponge pacifier brush: 9 x 4cm
PP straw brush: 17 x 0.5cm
Stainless steel straw brush: 17 x 0.5cm

*Price refer to 1 unit of Nylon feeding bottle brush, 1 unit of sponge bottle brush, 1 unit of nylon pacifier brush, 1 unit of sponge pacifier brush, 1 unit of PP straw brush, 1 unit of stainless steel straw brush

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